Web Application Development

Applications that are highly available and scalable

We focus on technologies that allow for creating and building reliable, agile and secure web products. Almost all our web apps we build can be deployed in the cloud to ensure even higher performance and uptime. Our web applications will provide your business with the means to get ahead of the competition, serve your customers, and improve the functionality of your team.

Front-end web application development (client-side development) focuses on producing producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or Web Application so that a user can interact with them directly. Tools and techniques used to create the front end of a website change constantly and so our developers are constantly aware of how the field is developing.

Quite literally the exact opposite of Front-End development, the back-end focuses on the server side of application development and anything and everything that communicates between a browser and a database. Server-side development is where all the functionality of a web application lives and breathes, and Synergy’s team are undisputed champions of this arena.

A Single-Page Application (SPA) is a web application or a website that interacts with a user by dynamically rewriting the content. This method differs from the default way whereas the web browser loads new pages, and the result creates faster page transitions, which enhance the overall user’s experience.

mobile app development

Mobility and immediacy are a must in the market today

Leveraging our standard development approach and driving it to mobile devices and tools, we make it easy to bring mobility to your business. From strategy meetings to launching your product to an app store, Synergy can help you solve business problems through the use of mobile technology.

We practice agile development with cross-functional teams of talented designers and developers that drive the client’s vision and brand via UI/UX and intelligent code.

Synergy understands the iOS development world, and we deliver enjoyable mobile experiences using the latest and best methods of iOS design and architecture practices.

Our approach to Android mobile app development is built around a customized strategy using the latest trends and technology and strong development insights.

Ensuring your app runs effectively on both the iOS and the Android operating systems is our main focus. We will develop and test until everything looks perfect.

Enterprise mobile app development is the process of building a mobile application for an enterprise’s needs. The users of Enterprise apps are mainly the employees of the organization, and its purpose is to make communication between employees and managers simpler and streamline business operations.

B2B (Business-to-Business) apps are increasing at an alarming rate. Developing an app can boost your company’s brand as an industry leader and first-mover. The market for B2B apps is rapidly expanding, which represents and important tool for your business to consider. Let Synergy help bring your business out of the stone age.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer) apps help connect your customer to your products, goods or services. From eCommerce apps, Loyalty and Standalone apps, our team of mobile app specialists have years of experience in working with international clients across multiple industries to develop B2C apps and deliver amazing results.

data science AI and machine learning

Leverage your data to drive all business decisions

Providing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) product and application development services to help companies develop expertise in data science is a key service offering. By augmenting the internal team’s capabilities to build data-driven products Synergy can advance our customers efforts. Knowing leveraging machine learning techniques and algorithms to be more predictive and automated is the goal of our customer, Synergy leverages our internal AI engineers bring the latest tools, techniques and best practices to the equation. It is practical implementation of AI & ML to help our customers transform data into business insights, make data-driven decisions and take action on their challenges.

We help evaluate and implement machine learning platforms that support our customers data sciences. These platforms support a variety of machine learning algorithms including predictive analytics, deep learning reinforcement learning and that support a variety of integrations.

We can help with services or resources with specific tools like BOOMI, Talend or Mulesoft, or build them to help with data collection and ingestion, data cleaning and transformation, big data management, optimization and analytics.

We help our customers with documenting, deciding and deploying their data management solution and enable them to use analytics in the business decisions. Additionally supporting them with talents in specialty tools like Tableau, Looker and Power BI.

production and legacy support

Resources to support the Solution

The support of a newly implemented project or the support of the legacy application that the project may have just replaced, both offer a challenge. A new production environment may have tools that the current staff has not worked with before. Legacy systems can be even tougher as many may feel like being assigned to a tool that is being sunset may be stunting to career path. Synergy builds teams that can support your production applications or your legacy applications and complement your user support goals.

Synergy embeds resources in the project team for the customer that once the project is completed, will sign on with the customer to become the newly deployed service or application’s support team.

We support legacy systems wholly or as part of the customer’s user support team and adhere to the customer’s standards and procedures. This allows internal staff to support the more recent technologies.

During any of our project engagements, Synergy supports the customer in every step but distinctly calls all the post-deployment production support. This support can be solely for Go-Live or can be sustained over some time.